Jura Investments

Investment stewards who see the forest for the trees™

About Us

Investment Stewards Who See the Forest for the Trees™

Jura Investments™ is named after the Jura Mountains, a system of tree-covered mountain ranges that encompasses approximately 225 miles of the Franco-Swiss border. To us, this massive forest mountain system captures the differences amongst investors. Each mountain has its own unique story, and we recognize that you do as well.

As your investment steward, we have a responsibility to understand, appreciate and respect these unique differences to effectively guide you through today's difficult and complex financial marketplaceā€”a marketplace that is dominated by service providers who are more interested in selling products instead of offering thoughtful solutions.

We will help you meet your goals and objectives by focusing on our core values: an adherence to a clearly defined set of fiduciary standards, an emphasis on risk management and a multifaceted asset allocation process. We will carefully address the unique differences and challenges you face as investors. We understand that the markets are not concerned with you meeting your goals and objectives, but they are of great importance to us.

We bring a wealth of investment experience and the resources you would expect from an industry leader. We have a comprehensive, integrated wealth management platform offering a variety of investment formats, including:

  • Separately Managed Accounts
  • Multi-manager Accounts
  • Exchange Traded Fund Solutions (ETFs)
  • Fixed Income Solutions
  • Alternative Investments

Jura Investments™ does not receive any form of compensation ('soft" or "hard" dollars) from any manager or custodian. We do not maintain custody of your assets; all assets are held with the custodian of record. We are independently owned and have no affiliation or alliances with any bank or insurance company. We receive compensation from one source: our clients.

This conflict-free business structure gives us the independence required to objectively serve as a trusted investment advisor. We are excited and motivated by the ability to deliver client-centered, proactive and prudent investment solutions.