Jura Investments

Investment stewards who see the forest for the trees™

The Jura Investments™ Difference

We commit to continually earning our client's trust, confidence and respect by adhering to our core values. We are confident that our unwavering focus on the following core values benefits our clients and clearly differentiates us from our competitors.

Fiduciary Standards

Our conflict-free structure permits us to incorporate the following Center for Fiduciary Studies fI360® Global Fiduciary Precepts into every client engagement:

  • Know standards, laws and trust provisions
  • Diversify assets to specific risk and return profile
  • Prepare an Investment Policy Statement
  • Use "prudent experts" (investment managers) and document due diligence
  • Control and account for investment expenses
  • Monitor the activities of "prudent experts"
  • Avoid conflicts of interest and prohibited transactions

Risk Management

As risk managers, we take both a qualitative and quantitative approach in determining and measuring risk. While it is common practice to show graphs, which suggest that risk diminishes over time, we believe it is equally important to measure the terminal value of wealth over time. This approach offers a complete view of risk and return and will permit meaningful conversations with clients about meeting their goals and objectives.

Multifaceted Asset Allocation

We recognize the merits of a thoughtful asset allocation strategy. However, we believe that we can extract more value on behalf of the client by utilizing a multifaceted asset allocation approach in the portfolio construction process. We utilize low-cost beta drivers to meet policy benchmark objectives, and alternative investments as alpha drivers to capitalize on current market events. This alpha-beta separation methodology maximizes our ability to objectively select managers on behalf of clients.

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