Jura Investments

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Investment Process

Jura Investments™ utilizes the following four-step investment process to effectively guide clients through today's difficult and complex financial marketplace. This investment process helps safeguard the assets entrusted to us.

  1. Develop an Investment Policy Statement

    We place a premium on understanding your time horizon, risk tolerance, expected return, asset class preference and tax status. We then use quantitative and qualitative methods to develop a written Investment Policy Statement. The Investment Policy Statement serves as the roadmap to keep the investment portfolio on track. It is also used to protect the portfolio from emotional and psychological impulses to abandon the long-term investment strategy as a result of short-term distress in the marketplace.

  2. Determine the Strategic Asset Allocation

    A well-constructed strategic asset allocation is critical to the long-run success of an investment program. We possess the investment wisdom to appreciate the unique differences in investment beliefs and attitudes. We believe it takes courage to sit down and listen to the client to derive a long-term investment strategy that can be agreed upon and implemented. Where appropriate, we invest in alternative investments to capitalize on current market events; this short-term investment strategy is strictly tactical in nature and is designed to exploit potential market anomalies.

  3. Implement the Strategy

    We bring a wealth of investment experience and resources you would expect from an industry leader. We have a comprehensive, integrated wealth-management platform offering a variety of investment formats, including:

    • Separately Managed Accounts
    • Multi-manager Accounts
    • Exchange Traded Fund Solutions
    • Fixed Income Solutions
    • Alternative Investments
  4. Monitoring/Due Diligence/Reporting

    Ongoing monitoring aligns the investment portfolio with the Investment Policy Statement. The investment manager approval process is an objective, transparent methodology that is consistent with industry fiduciary standards. This due diligence process produces a diverse set of investment managers across multiple investment styles, thereby offering an attractive risk-and-reward proposition on behalf of investors. The custodian maintains the assets and we provide investment performance reporting.

Learn how Jura Investments™ will utilize our investment process on your behalf.