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Institutional Investors Services

We are cognizant of the many challenges facing plan sponsors in an increasingly complex regulatory and market environment. The unprecedented and sweeping reform borne out of the Pension Protection Act of 2006 represents both challenges and opportunities. Therefore, selecting the right partner has never been more important.

Jura Investments™ provides a wealth of investment experience and the resources you would expect from an industry leader.

Our clearly defined fiduciary standards, uncompromising focus on risk management and multifaceted asset allocation process allows plan sponsors to fulfill their fiduciary duties and plan participants toward a successful retirement. Clearly, selecting the right partner has never been easier.

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Defined Benefit Plans

Jura Investments™ clearly understands the challenges you face...

  • Public and private pension-plan sponsors are confronted with increased benefit costs, insufficient employer contributions, and more recently, protracted markets.
  • The Pension Protection Act of 2006 coupled with uncoordinated changes made by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) requires mark-to-market valuations, resulting in fewer smoothing options and increased volatility.
  • Public plans are dealing with unprecedented fiscal challenges, including public borrowings to narrow pension funding gaps, an approach proving to be short-term and ineffective.

...and we view them as an opportunity to deliver thoughtful solutions.

  • Liability Driven Investment Strategies (LDI)
  • Dedicated/Immunized Portfolio Concepts
  • Portable Alpha Strategies
  • Consultation on Plan Governance/Fiduciary Duties/Transparency

To learn which approach best meets the needs of your plan, contact Jura Investments™.

Defined Contribution Plans

With access to more than 2,000 investment options from over 40 fund families, we are confident that we have the experience and resources to make Jura Investments™ the defined contribution provider of choice. Fully bundled defined contribution plan services include:

  • Design, Develop and Implement Fiduciary Process
  • Maximize 404(c) Protection
  • Plan Document and ERISA Review
  • Reporting and Disclosure Requirements
  • Investment Manager Review and Recommendations
  • Ongoing Plan Governance/Fiduciary Duties/Transparency

Please contact us to learn how Jura Investments™ will make the difference for you and your plan participants.

Foundation and Endowments

The unique challenge to foundation and staff board members is to maximize the philanthropic mission, but not at the expense of the organization's capital. We support foundation staff and board members in assessing the organization's needs, goals and appetite for risk. We then utilize quantitative and qualitative tools to align the goals of the organization with realistic projections on future income and spending requirements.

Institutional investment consulting services for foundations and endowments include:

  • Manager Search and Selection
  • Investment Management
  • Custodian Selection and Monitoring
  • Governance/Fiduciary Duties/Transparency
  • Performance Reporting and Monitoring

We will provide foundation and staff board members with the resources to maximize the philanthropic mission while safeguarding the organization's capital.

Contact Jura Investments™ to discuss the perpetuity of your foundation or endowment.